Another Day in the Office – Part 3 of 3

As the lunch hour ends, the other fencers return to the club and everyone dresses-up and gets ready for a grueling 2 hours of bouting. Although coach Geva mixes things up a little from day-to-day, typically, this session includes some kind of round-robin pools with very large pools of 12-15 people. That is, each fencer has to fence everyone in their pool to 5 touches. Victories and losses are recorded on a huge pool sheet on the wall and a single 15-touch direct elimination (DE) table is formed using the pool results. Once the pools are done, it is just the right time for a Shaklee performance energy chew to ensure we continue to have the energy needed for the remainder of the session!

And for you other athletes out there, just because you lose one DE bout doesn’t mean you get to go home (i.e., there is no “reward” for losing). Instead, the coaches incorporate a consolation DE round as well which means you keep fencing regardless of whether you win or lose. This approach maximizes the exposure of each fencer to a variety of styles and skill levels and ensures that lesser-skilled fencers have the opportunity to fence “better” fencers in the pools but yet allows them to have an opportunity to “win” their DE bouts when they are competing against fencers with similar skill levels. It also allows girls to fence boys where success is based on winning across-the-field and not gender-specific. What this all boils down to is about 12 or so 5-touch bouts coupled with 5 or 6, 15-touch bouts. Again, we have a Facebook Live video below which captures what this segment of the camp looks like.

Posted by HurleyGurrls on Friday, December 29, 2017

Once this segment of the camp concludes, everyone is pretty much exhausted. Especially once you get to day 3 or 4 of the camp! The last 30 minutes of the camp is a cool down with some more stretching and a few lame attempts at a couple of yoga exercises. Now is the best time to take a pic for Instagram! Smile!

We hang up our “stinky” fencing uniforms and throw our masks, socks, and weapons into our bag or in the laundry basket we have in a corner of the club and sit on the rather dirty floor and stretch and laugh about whatever is the current joke of the day which usually comes from some Instagram or Facebook posting of one of our friends. In particular, we are most fond of sharing and laughing at and about silly animal videos (did you see the one where an Australian shepherd carries their own plastic sled up a snowy hill and rides down it?).

After the short trek home, we throw our fencing uniforms into the washing machine using Shaklee Fresh Laundry detergent, we sit for a bit in the backyard with the puppies throwing and kicking their tennis ball (Leia) and soccer ball (Kikyo) around while we drink a Shaklee protein shake to help our recovery for the next day. Once we relax a little while, we will usually pack up the dogs into our car and take them to the track where we jog a little and the dogs run a lot. Fortunately, during the winter, not too many people are out and about at the track so no one sees that the dogs are significantly off-leash! The good news is that the track is fenced-in and the puppies can’t escape. This activity allows us to kill two birds with one stone. That is, the puppies get to run and we get to use a few muscles that aren’t used too much during fencing.

Back home for the evening; time to think about cooking dinner! It is also time to relax as another successful and busy day at the office is over!