Another Day in the Office



From time to time, people ask us what it is like to be an Olympic athlete!  Is it exciting? What about all of those cool places you travel to? What about all those groupies who follow you around?

The short answer is that fencing is our full-time job that doesn’t let us keep regular office hours and unfortunately, doesn’t have a great pay structure (although the United States Olympic Committee provides health insurance)!  Yes, we have paid travel (Economy cabin) to cool places like Budapest, Paris, Beijing, Milan, Warsaw, Rio de Janeiro, London,  Barcelona, Moscow, as well as Portland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and New York City  but just like other professionals who travel for work, we only occasionally get to see the sights beyond the airport, hotel, and venue. And not to worry about the groupies! We don’t have any that we know of (other than our mom and dad). We have to carry our own bags and no, even though you’re our best friend, you can’t hide in our fencing bag when we fly to Paris (that treat is saved for our dogs – shhh! don’t tell anyone)!

So, to honor the requests from people who ask us about what it is like to be Olympic athletes, we thought we would create a special blog series that provides some insight into our world of work (aka: Olympic athletes). The topics that we select will include stories about our training, competition, and other various “duties as assigned.”  

In general, we will write these posts in 3 or 4 parts with each part being published on consecutive days. The introduction will be published on select Mondays with remaining parts being published on the following days.

We hope you like it and learn a little bit about our world. Tell your friends about us, “Follow” our blog for notifications of new posts. Also, “Like” our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and please check back often!

— Stay Tuned! PART 2 will be posted tomorrow! —