Courtney Hurley



Courtney is 27 years old, right-handed, 5’9″ tall, and lives in Houston, Texas. She has been fencing since she was 7 years old. Growing up in San Antonio and coached by her father, Courtney advanced through the age-group ranks in the United States winning national titles in every age group.  She has 5 Senior national championship titles with the most recent one occurring in April 2015.  She was Cadet (Under-17) and Junior (Under-20) World Champion, received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Notre Dame where she won the NCAA championships twice for the Fighting Irish and was named 4 time-All American. Representing the New York Athletic Club, she has been on every world championship team since she was 15 years old including 2 Olympic teams (2012, & 2016) and 2 Pan American Games teams (2007 & 2011). In 2012, she was part (along with her sister, Kelley) of the USA Women’s Epee team that won the Bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Courtney is currently training to make her 4th Olympic team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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